Friday, October 29, 2010

Tracking Our Cancún Climate Negotiators

My latest post for Th!nk4: Climate Change:

There is a rich online world that doesn’t exist in the mainstream media. A classic climate change example is the Adopt A Negotiator project.

Adopt A Negotiator will be at COP16 in Cancún. They have blogger/trackers from 13 countries who follow ‘international efforts to confront climate change in the race to a better future’:

Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Italy Russia, Spain, South Africa, United Kingdom, USA.

The emphasis is on youth:

Australia’s tracker is Phillip Ireland. He’s originally from Newcastle so he should know about the latest solar project there.

Phil has a report on the pre-Cancún negotiations that is not all bad news:
In the end, progress at the China climate negotiations was mixed. There was good progress in some sections of the talks, however, other key components were stalled. A colleague commented to me “oh dear, it seems we’ve ended with a question mark”.
Stocktaking Progress on a Global Climate Agreement
His posts give both an international and an Australia perspective on recent developments. He also blogs at A Climate for Change.

It seems like a great idea. Anyone can do it. Start with the relevant national or state minister. Make sure you let them know you're watching and reporting.

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