Saturday, October 30, 2010

Cancún Bottom-up: Shaping Global Climate Action

My latest post for Th!nk4: Climate Change:

Focus on Cancún

So how do we re-focus climate change action? Can Cancún play a positive part?
One of the issues raised in my previous post was: Do we sideline the struggle for a global agreement in favour of more achievable goals?

At Inside Story, Stephen Howes looks at three challenges resulting from the US Congress’ failure to pass climate legislation:
On the domestic front, in a more bottom-up world countries will have both more freedom and more responsibility to define the mitigation problem as suits them.

On the international front, a strategy is needed to deal with America’s intransigence on climate change. It isn’t easy to think of one. No country will probably have more impact on US action than China, but China will only act decisively if it is not acting alone.

Finally, in a bottom-up world it will be more difficult for each country to judge what others are doing, since countries will tend to pursue different policies and measure impacts with different metrics.
Climate change negotiations: unravelling or shifting gear?


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