Thursday, January 23, 2014

Rule Without Law: "Australia is Nauru's paymaster"

From my post for Global Voices Online Rule of Law Overturned in Nauru:

The Australian government has been slow to react with some on twitter accusing it of complicity...

Barrister and human rights advocate Julian Burnside also took to the web, criticising several recent governments who have supported the Pacific Solution... "Australia is Nauru's paymaster"...

Many on twitter have been calling on the Australian government and Foreign Minister Julie Bishop to take strong action such as boycotts imposed on Fiji in similar circumstances...


Thursday, January 9, 2014

WikiLeaks Party's Shock Visit With Syria's Assad

From my post for Global Voices Advocacy- WikiLeaks Supporters Shocked by Visit With Syria's Assad:
Despite John Shipton and Wikipedia indicating that the delegation also met with the Syrian opposition, details have not become available yet. Accompanying journalist Chris Ray did not mention the meetings in his post.

...Doubtless, Shipton and other delegation members will face many questions when they return to Australia.