Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Big Wet Online

From The Big Wet: Northern Australia in Grip of Floods - my latest post for Global Voices Online:

As Queensland rivers burst their banks and northern New South Wales is inundated, Nick Evershed sums up the national feeling in Australia about the latest weather and the climate implications:
‏@NickEvershed: Australia: if it's not on fire, it's probably underwater.

Twitter is not always the best way to get accurate or up-to-date information, especially when communications are down or there’s no power. Jess Faith from far north Queensland is one of many to lose her connection:
‏@jessfaith89: Hello technology! How I've missed you! #bigwet #qldfloods #Cairns
ABC Wide Bay is one of the national broadcaster's ‘Local Radio' stations. It was just one of many local ABC radio stations to retweet this gem of imprecision.
‏@abcwidebay: Gympie river is reported to be looking like it has peaked at 20.3m #bigwet #qldfloods
David Kirkpatrick is only one of many online who have linked the extreme weather to climate change:
‏@daveyk317: We are hearing the word “Unprecedented” a lot in coverage of the #qldfloods - we will no doubt hear this more as the #ClimateCrisis bites.


Sunday, January 6, 2013

Shane Warne Stargazing for UFOs

My latest post for Global Voices: UFO Sparks War of Words

There is nothing like an extraterrestrials sighting to stir the twitterverse. On January 4, 2013 Australian Cricketer Shane Warne was probably doing his mates at Channel 9 a favour when he tweeted:
‏@warne888: If you are in Australia or can get to a computer please tune into CH 9 as coming up in a few mins, footage of UFO's caught on film !!!!