Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Nudist Bathers Reject CCTV Live Streaming

My latest post for Th!nk4: Climate Change:

CCTV cameras are not nudists’ favourite technology. Even when the CC stands for Climate Change or Cyclone Conditions. A proposal to use camera surveillance on unpatrolled surf beaches in Queensland has offended nudist bathing groups. Video would stream live online so that surf lifesavers could monitor conditions and hazardous situations.

There are no legal nudist beaches in Queensland but some optional clothing beaches are popular. Alexandria Bay beach (A Bay) at the Sunshine Coast’s Noosa Heads is one.

Free Beach Australia, who promote nudists beaches, argue that we don’t know what might happen with the video footage.

Now what does all this have to do with climate change? According to the Bureau of Meteorology the coming summer has a heightened risk of above average cyclones in Northern Australia:
Seasonal Outlook for Tropical Cyclones

The outlook suggests that the coming tropical cyclone season is likely to have

* a higher than average number of tropical cyclones over the full Australian region,
* a higher than average number of tropical cyclones in the Western region,
* an average to above average number of tropical cyclones in the Northern region,
* a higher than average number of tropical cyclones in the Eastern region.
2010/11 Australian Tropical Cyclone season outlook

BOM’s forecast for ‘Queensland Temperature change 2030 Summer’ based on different levels of emissions:

The predited storm activity will cause large surf along Queensland coasts. The extreme weather patterns are attributed by many to climate change resulting from global warming. The naked truth?

For the full audio from ABC Radio National’s Breakfast program:

Listen to MP3 of this story

Alexandria Bay is the only nudist beach I’ve ever visited. It was 1977. Wearing bathers certainly made me standout from the rest of the sun lovers. I was shamed by peer pressure to shed my budgie smugglers. I don’t recommend body-surfing in your birthday suit.

PS: I logged onto Free Beach Australia’s website ( only to find this message: This Account Has Been Suspended

Strange indeed! Self-censorship perhaps? Some other form of censorship? A cover up?

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