Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Jeremy Bird at #Progress2013: 'Brick by Brick' Organising

Jeremy Bird's talk to Progress 2013 at the Melbourne Town Hall on 8 Nov 2013: 'Brick by Brick' The Nitty Gritty Organising Work That Turned Out Obama's Coalition

Jeremy speaks about the Democrats grassroots campaigning in 2012. It was based on neighbourhood team leaders organising local volunteers in 5177 locations across the United States. "They turned out voters that they knew."

He emphasised the importance of both using innovative online technologies and reaching individuals face-to-face. Community campaigns must invest in organisers on the ground and in their training.

He stressed why winning matters. It is "about the people we are trying to serve, to organise; about the world you are trying to leave to your grandkids." "Too many organisations rely on broadcast media and treat voters as consumers of a product." It should be about real relationships and talking to people individually.

[I represented Global Voices Online at Progress 2013.]

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