Sunday, November 17, 2013

Climate Action Rally - Melbourne 2103

According to The Age, "Up to 30,000 Melburnians gathered in Treasury Gardens on Sunday to call for stronger action on climate change" on Sunday 17 November 2013.

A glorious solar day at Treasury Gardens.


  1. Have to rediscover how to do flickr slideshows since they upgraded their interface.

    Unfortunately PT problems meant I arrived late at Melbourne rally, so I couldn't get anywhere near the stage to document speeches. See my report here of the Melbourne rally, indeed of rallies around Australia.

  2. Ta for pics. Top turnout.

    Canberra was good, but not as great as the 2011 Say Yes where we had the Commonwealth bridge packed as we walked to new Parliament Hs.

    Melbourne looked like it outshone its 2011 but. Fantastic.