Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wikileaks: Stratfor on Motives for Julian Assange's Arrest

From Wikileaks' Stratfor Global Intelligence Files:

Charges of sexual assault rarely are passed through Interpol red notices, like this case, so this is no doubt about trying to disrupt WikiLeaks release of government documents. While it's possible that Assange's arrest could disrupt the long-term viability of WikiLeaks, it will not stop the release of cables in the short-term and governments will now be concerned about what the organization may release in revenge.
RE: USE ME Re: Discussion- Assange Arrested
Interesting! I’m surprised that this gem did not surface in the mainstream media as it took only minutes to find on the Wikileaks website. Anyway, at least some netizens have stumbled across it.

Update: changed link - Assange Arrest and WikiLeaks Survival

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