Monday, February 13, 2012

John Birch Society: Barking Mad at Rio+20 Earth Summit

You don't have to be barking mad but it helps. According to the New American magazine, the upcoming UN Rio+20 Earth Summit will bring the global conspiracy for world government a step closer:
...many experts — especially in the United States — fear that the UN actually envisions a global government, an erosion of private-property rights, and even an end to the individual freedoms enshrined in the U.S. Constitution.
UN Bosses Secretly Plot Global Govt Through “Green Economy" for Rio+20
Unnamed 'experts' is a favourite ploy of theirs.

The New American website says that it 'is published by American Opinion Publishing, a wholly owned subsidiary of The John Birch Society.' It seems that the old right is a leader of the new right if you go by their values:
Specifically, we want to restore and retain the values and vision that made America great — limited government under the Constitution, the freedoms our Constitution guarantees, and the personal responsibility a free people must exercise to stay free. In the area of foreign policy, our editorial point of view is based on avoiding foreign entanglements and going to war only when necessary to defend our country and citizens. Our purpose is encapsulated by the slogan appearing on the cover of The New American “That freedom shall not perish.”
Sounds like a speech by the Republican candidates in the Presidential primaries. Or the Tea Party.

It goes without saying that The New American gets its climate science from Lord Monckton.

The real danger at Rio in June is not that the world does too much, rather that we do too little: Rio +20: Earth Mover or Green Economy Carnival

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