Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Oz Politics: Some Gems on the Net

Some Australian politics gems from the last week that shouldn't be missed:

A couple of blog posts

Australiar and the f*cking idiot dilemma by Geoff Lemon of Heathen Scriptures
There are definitely times when you wonder if light-fingered alien doctors have been handing out mass lobotomies while we sleep. Or there really is something in the water.
I am confused, I do not understand by 'Catching up' at Café Whispers
I am a little confused about Australian politics today. The following is what I understand the situation to be.

We have a legit elected minority government that on all accounts is performing well. We have a strong economy, employment, trade balance and stable interest rates.

There are problems with a two or multiple speed economy. I believe the proposed tax on miners is important in bringing some balance to the economy.

We do have a problem with lack of confidence in the economy. I wonder how much of this lack of confidence can be sheeted home to the negative and down talking of the economy of the leader of the Opposition. There are concerns of what is occurring overseas, in Europe. The Asian region which we are a part of is still seen as going strong.

...Have Australians become too lazy or disinterested, that they refuse to take the time or effort to listen for themselves and accept unquestioning much of what is written and said in the media.

From the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Radio National's Background briefing - The Lord Monckton roadshow 17 July 2011
The Scottish peer Lord Monckton has been raising hell against the carbon tax in barnstorming rallies and public meetings around the country. But just who is Lord Monckton and who are the forces behind him? Chief amongst them a mysterious group called the Galileo Movement and mining magnate and now media player Gina Rinehart. Reporter Wendy Carlisle
Audio and transcript available.

Media Watch Personal or policy? You be the judge 18 July 2011

A look at the very unbalanced radio station 2GB.

Video and transcript available.

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