Thursday, July 21, 2011

Glad I Don't Pay for the Herald Sun

Is the Herald Sun's Miranda Devine indulging in eating some of Rupert Murdoch’s humble fare?

Trying to silence opposition by smear and slander, abuse and suppression of unpleasant facts is just treating the public like suggestible morons.
Juila Gillard's declaration out of line

Good heavens no, she’s attacking the government. The Herald Sun isn’t running a ruthless anti-Gillard campaign for regime change in Australia. They are just telling both sides of the story fearlessly. If you believe that, then your head must be stuck in the wrong end of the proverbial dead bear.

Perhaps Devine wouldn’t have had the chance to read the ‘news’ piece on page 3: Prime Minister Julia Gillard under fire for Christine Nixon's book deal

It’s a classic piece of agenda journalism. Former Liberal Premier and current AFL football club president is an unbiased source of the lowest order:

Mr Kennett said he was surprised Prime Minister Gillard was launching the book. "I guess one could only explain it as the sisterhood at work," he said.

Perhaps his jockstrap was too tight during the interview.

There was some kind of balance with two against and one supporting Nixon/Gillard. This one would have to be a swinging voter:

Flowerdale mother of four Laine MacDonald said of Ms Nixon: "I don't have anything nice to say ... It's a disgrace that she is getting people like that (Ms Gillard) to back her." My emphasis.

Incidentally, according to their own story, the PM is under fire for attending the book launch not for anything to do with the ‘book deal’ itself as the headline implies.

Nothing personal intended, of course.

Anyway, this bit of sycophantic sludge should get Miranda a Christmas bonus:

In any case, the Murdochs' contrite appearance at the UK hearing was a triumph of decency, humility and lessons learned.

And while they spoke, News Corp shares rose 5 per cent. So there.

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