Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Water Installation: Art Targets Pollution

For Th!nk5: Water

Received this Facebook message on 31 Jan 2011 from new media artist Keti Haliori:

The “World Water Museum” installation is an artistic rendering of the vast environmental problem of the downgrading and lack of clear, potable water on the planet. The target of the project is to make the public sensitive to the problem and through the use of audio-visual means, to activate and awake the desire to hold the valuable water of the Earth in his protective arms.

This artwork project will be completed through the creation and development of human networks, all over the world, in order to send water samples from rivers and lakes from all over the planet.

All vehicles of authority and groups of citizens are entitled to participation should they wish to be co-creators of the “World Water Museum” installation, taking into consideration the issue and ways of approaching it.

Please support by being a member, interacting and sharing
World Water Museum Facebook page


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