Sunday, February 20, 2011

Extreme Weather: Is Global Warming the Culprit?

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Is Global Warming the Culprit?

Carnarvon hit by worst floods since 1960. (WAtoday 21 Dec 2010)

There is endless debate about whether AGW (Anthropogenic Global Warming) is the culprit in recent extreme weather events such as floods. The floods season is still in full swing in Australia, with Carnarvon inundated for the third time in three months.

Two recent contributions to the controversy add fuel to the fire (oops! mixed disaster metaphors).


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  1. Global warming has been ADMITTEDLY debunked...right down to the disgraced East Anglia University (UN) "climate scientist" that had to step down for ADMITTEDLY fudging and hiding the numbers, and not including other peer-reviewed studies that showed a decline in temps over the past 15 years! Fools simply refuse to stop cult-like global warming worship, even though global warming worshipers have been openly had by Al Gore, the former UN lawyer who stood to gain billions in his global government funding carbon tax scheme, until the truth thankfully surfaced, just in the nick of time! Thank you Climate-Gate! Good buy fear based BS global government funding scam, and all you (the sun is actually solely responsible for long term climate change, and always has been) deniers!