Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Global Voices Covers Korean Crisis

Immediate coverage of the Korean crisis by Global Voices:
North Korea has fired more than a hundred artillery rockets at a populated South Korean island near its western border. Two South Korean Marines were killed by the skirmish, at least a dozen more were injured and buildings were set on fire. South Korea returned fire and scrambled fighter jets.

Photos taken by Twitterer @givenjoy shows traces of South Korean fighter jets in the air as they flew over to the West Sea where the skirmish had taken place.

Just seconds after the news broke, South Koreans tweeted madly regarding possible future scenarios and evacuation plans, as well as re-tweeting news updates. Many scoured for accurate sources, as some unconfirmed rumors, such as North Korean leader Kim Jong-il had died, circulated online. Twitterers, quoting friends in the army, said the Korean peninsula was in a near-war situation.
North Korea/South Korea: Deadly Skirmish, Live On Twitter
It is already available in Korean, Italian, Dutch and Spanish as well as English.

Not bad for a bunch of volunteers!

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