Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Climate Elephant Treads Softly

(Photo: AYCC flickr photostream)

Even though the elephant in the room is a well worn political cliché, it worked for the Australian Youth Climate Coalition during the Australian federal election in August 2010:

Elephants have followed Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott from Hobart to Geelong, Brisbane, Adelaide and Sydney.

Today the elephant showed up at the National Press Club in Canberra to greet the Opposition Leader and even scored an interview with Sky News.

Eighteen-year-old Amy Hall did the honours on Friday, donning the grey suit and trailing the Prime Minister from the Blacktown RSL club in the marginal western Sydney seat of Greenway to a social housing project in Lilyfield.
Elephant protesters follow leaders on campaign trail
Following the big swing to the Greens, the outsider is becoming an insider in Canberra:
The "climate elephant" which followed the Prime Minister and the Opposition Leader during the election campaign, is holding talks with politicians at Parliament House.


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