Thursday, April 17, 2014

Linda Jaivin: Sex, Sinology and the Translator

Linda Jaivin – Photo: Jade Muratore

From my post for Global Voices 'The Bridge':

Linda Jaivin is a renaissance woman who describes herself as a secular humanist. Born in Old London, Connecticut, USA, she has been an Australian citizen for over twenty years, after many years studying and working in Taiwan and mainland China.

Linda's activity is prodigious. The list of hats she wears includes translator, interpreter, anthology editor, poet, novelist and playwright. Her written works include short stories; essays; novels such as the comic, erotic “Eat Me”; historical fiction such as “A Most Immoral Woman”; and non-fiction such as the outrageous “Confessions of an S & M Virgin”.

Words that apply to Linda: stimulating, challenging, quirky, provocative, original, salacious, graphomaniac. Her writings and her conversations take us many unexpected or unfamiliar places. She may once have shocked much of her audience, but Linda has helped expand the openness of public discourse. As the Wheeler Centre video interview shows, she can be in your face, but in the friendliest way.

There is a lot more than sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll in Linda’s box of tricks.



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