Thursday, May 2, 2013

Black Humour from Inside Syria

Syria Inside is looking for support for its movie of the same name. Donations or other help greatly appreciated.

Not sure about it - check out their website and watch the video below:
'Syria Inside is a black comedy movie - assembling the most tragic stories and the most funny creative productions from Syrian activists and artists.
Presented in a new technology "Syrian 3D" and with the typical unique Syrian black humour.
You will get an insight to what humans are able to do - both good and bad - that let you see yourself in a different light.

The producers Tamer AlAwam (Syria) and Jan Heilig (Germany) decided 2011 to collaborate in a production full of unbelievable hilarious situations.
In August 2012 Tamer was shot in Alleppo /Syria in the middle of the production. The Syrian webshow-producers WithYouSyria and the German producer decided to finish the project.'
You can donate here.

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