Sunday, February 24, 2013

Israeli/Australian Prisoner X - Ben Zygier: Mystery Remains

Questions remain about the life and death of Israeli/Australian, Prisoner X - Ben Zygier, a Mossad spy. He apparently committed suicide whilst in secret solitary confinement in an Israeli prison in 2010.

Reporter Trevor Bormann of Australia' ABC TV'S Foreign Correspondent was interviewed on Radio National's Correspondents Report on 24 February about the great piece of investigative journalism that broke the story:

I think the big question remains, what on earth did Ben Zygier - Ben Alon, Ben Allen, Ben Burroughs - what did he do?

What was the nature of his work with the Mossad? How did he seemingly cross that organisation to end up in jail?

And what were the circumstances of his death?

The audio and transcript are available here: Prisoner X story continues to unfold

He took the words right out of my mouth:

For more please see my original web roundup for Global Voices: Secret Life and Death of Mossad Spy ‘Prisoner X’

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