Thursday, September 27, 2012

Poisoning Chilli Beach

From my post for ThinkBrigade:

The dire state of Chilli Beach, a remote beach on Australia’s Cape York, is shocking to many visitors: the flotsam and jetsam is impossible to miss.

Chilli Beach is one of the remotest places in Australia. Fringed with coconut palms and golden sands, it is situated at the end of a very long unsealed road, 700 km north of Cairns, the gateway to the iconic Great Barrier Reef.

...The first thing that hits you is the rubbish washed up on the shore: thongs (the footwear variety also known as flip-flops), household and personal items, fishing nets, countless containers. A closer inspection also reveals micro-particles in the seaweed on the beach.
Poisoning Paradise: Cape York’s Chilli Beach


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