Friday, December 2, 2011

Climate Change and the Food Crisis: ActionAid


 The message: support women farmers

Climate Change and the World Food Crisis: A Solution is an ActionAid video:
The UN Climate Conference in Durban needs to support women farmers in order to tackle the growing global food crisis. Agriculture is being increasingly threatened by climate change. 
Small scale farmers produce half the world's food and most of them are women. With access to training, technology, financial services and markets - the number of people going hungry could be cut by 15%. With 7 billion people on the planet this year, this solution is more important than ever.
For more, visit HungerFREE or visit the Activista bloggers.


  1. Thanks for this. There is so much on the Net and YouTube these days that sometimes good things get lost in the cyber-noise.

  2. Clarencegirl

    There are lots of young blogger activists in Durban. As well as Activista who came on the Caravan of Hope, AYCC and Adopt a Negotiator are there. Young, different voices from the usual suspects!