Friday, August 26, 2011

New News Conference 2011: Day One


Margaret Simons (Public Interest Journalism Foundation)

Tipping points:

  • NotW - end of Murdoch era;  Future of 70% of papers owned by News Ltd? 
  • Journos and trauma 
  • Crisis for journalists/media? 
PIJF Positives for new media:
  • Arab spring
  • Wikileaks
  • Open govt 
  •  Possibilities for journalism and its audience 
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 Panel: Lindsay Tanner, Samantha Maiden, Greg Jericho, Jay Rosen, Steve Harris (MC)

 JR (PressThink):

 Toxic elements: politics as entertainment, management of impressions (appear to be doing things when cant' take action) permanent campaign, managing (spin) the story as content, politics as a game

These are starting to substitute for real politics.

 Verification in reverse: creating doubt eg climate denialism, secrecy via complexity - political dialogue can't cope with the complex

Media: audience makers, content - attention, business - advertising

Murdoch party line: news not in conspiracy with editorial line

Echo chamber: flight to those who agree with you  may be search for authority by both media and audience

 LT (Former Labor Member for Melbourne):

Not a conspiracy. Nature of modern media. Routine for media to distort for entertainment, personality/celebrity politics, little serious discussion of issues
"Unions officials at war" a beat up - Health Services Union split business as usual
Regular impugning of good character without evidence eg Nick sherry & bank guarantee

No absolutes - still lots of good things
Fragmented rather than common areas fo discourse. Parallel worlds.

 GJ (Grog's Gamut):

 Easy out for poor journalism - politicians give them crap. No necessity to take crap as truth.

Daily Telegraph: Julia's shoes not up to wearing out shoe leather; Swan ruling out congestion tax ignored in scare story

Next election shaping up as the worst thanks to media crap.

24 hour news cycle - one hour 24 times.

SM (New Ltd):

 What's working: freedom of information laws; internet cuts both ways but great for reporters and readers - more/faster; use of 'new' data eg cost of living;informing people eg child care rebate entitlements and proposed changes.

Not all frivolous or trivial.

Fortress Australias - Unhealthy to only read/watch what reflects your views. (GJ Fortress Australian?)

Phoney online MSM blogs without real audiences and interaction.

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