Monday, January 24, 2011

Perth W.A.TER: Running Near Empty

From Th!nk5: Water:

Drought on a Drowning Continent

We’re staying near Perth, Western Australia’s Capital city. The last thing I expected to be doing this weekend was fieldwork for Th!nk5: Water.

As an inland sea spread across much of my home State Victoria, it rained lightly here today. It was only the second rainfall in the Perth area for the month of January.

While many parts of Oz have been experiencing record rainfall and floods, the South West of the continent is in its second major drought in recent years.

Perth’s Urban Water Supply

I’ve decided to take this opportunity to write a series of posts looking at urban water, focusing on Perth’s water resources, especially the challenges and controversies faced in securing adequate supplies. The main Perth sources are: dams, groundwater and desalination plants.

The current Percentage of Total Capacity for dams is 29.2 %.
Perth W.A.TER: Running Near Empty


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