Thursday, September 2, 2010

New News 2010 Off and Singing

The 2-day New News 2010 Conference at the Wheeler Centre has kicked off with some daily news sung by its resident choir. It's part of the Melbourne Writers Festival.



Speaker: Julianne Schultz ABC Board

Paradigm change in politics. Need for new paradigm for the media. New rules of engagement. New ways of doing political journalism.

Journalists need more informed and nuanced relationship with audience.

Q&A Chaser Gruen Nation more than icing.

Public forums: town hall meetings, Q&A let down by reporting next day: focus on game not substance.

Understanding flaws in complex systems v stenogrpahers catching up of fast moving mob.

Update 2

News Media in the Digital Age

Julian Thomas World Internet Project:

Internet has emerged quickly as primary source of info.
Patchy - rural/regional access/participation

Annie Baxter (Google)

Form of news: atomic unit of consumption - interaction at story level not publication level
We go online for news
Proliferation of sources - need to teach youth to be discerening
Mobile future
Fast flip - mags online 3 times longer than normal visits
Building stories update

Nicholas Gruen (Gov 2.0)

News as cultural exchange – best between equals. Producer needs to have more than conventional relationship. More like teacher/student parent/child - each party takes something and produces something important to them.

Update 3

Q: What’s true/reliable?

NG: Wikipedia created by human beings doesn’t pretend otherwise

JT: Does info come from network you know/trust?

AB: News orgs rely on trusted sources

Q: Living Stories NYT WashPO (0ne URL for unfolding story) outcomes

AB: Very positive - 9 mins per story per visit.

NG: Lessons from party costing for election promises - media need to be more vigilant; employ experts to monitor economic issues

Update 4

In the Wild: Innovators and Citizen Journalists Online

Venturing into the world of citizen journalism and web-based news, the panel will discuss innovative and participatory forms of journalism.

Chair Peter Browne (Inside Story) will be joined by Karen Poh (Meld Magazine), Lindsay Tuffin (Tasmanian Times), Eyal Halamish (Our Say) and Matthew Gordon (Our Say).

KP: Meld not-for-profit mag. Nothing out there for international students.
Site design crucial.

LT: rage against conformity mentality of tabloid world
TT basically has nothing. 20-30,000 unique hits per month. Organic. Growing without promotion. Not top-down, not heritage media who “hate’ him.

MG: Our Say engaging new voices - Q&A from politicians
website easy to share content through social media, focus on target audience

EH: Our Say used social media campaign but can’t force people to do what you want

Q. Where does funding come from? How to pay contributors?

2 PM Roundtable

Do we spend too much time on delivery methods to save the MSM rather than improving content?

Paul Ramadge (Chief Editor The Age):
Fast versus deep.
Some investigative pieces take 3 months.
Not enough discussion of quality journalism. Trust is essential.
Set of common values and goals needed.
Importance of curation and aggregation.


Trust can be enhanced by linking to sources.

My comment: quality yes, but I don' trust any media to be accurate. Some online MSM not really interactive - links not allowed.

Paul: Relationship between print and online could extend into more interactive forms.
Rapid explosion of hyper-local content will stimulate community media.

Matthew G: Tools to cross reference can help trust.

Update 5 3.30PM

Forum: Leadership in Journalism

Chair Steve Harris (Centre for Leadership and Public Interest, Swinburne University of Technology) with Paul Ramadge (Editor in Chief, The Age), Phil Gardner (Editor in Chief, Herald and Weekly Times), Sophie Black (Editor, Crikey) and Kate Torney (Director of News, ABC).

The heavyweights.

Role and value of journalism today?
Their leadership?

His role. What content on what platform and why? how much depth?
Deep world: words that matter versus fast info. (see above)
Readers want unexpected,hidden, previously undisclosed.
How do we fund quality journalism?
Media leadership?
J's need multimedia presentation and web research skills.
No secret way forward.

Role and value of journalists will never change: to engage, enlighten, educate and entertain. Different for each platform. News rooms being redesigned.
Non-negotiable: content must be compelling, relevant.
Technology nothing without great content. Basics the same.

Tapping into new audiences.Choices diverse. Free flow empowering but highlights need for quality. Curating a range of views and opinions.
On-way in past. Engage audience, identify their needs.
Social value of content important to ABC.
J's need time to create great journalism.

Bringing media and technology together. Terrifying at times.
How to maintain & enhance role of journalism. Nobody has all answers.
Funding model & delivery platform the challenge for Crikey. Subscriber newsletter email versus online. 5 of 25 stories free each day.
Agile & spontaneous risk-takers - funding & content. Risk minimisation not an option.
Reading tied to social activity.

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